The Essex Centre for Data Analytics was formally established in June 2019 to accelerate the practical application of data-led insight across the Essex system. It builds on a history of effective partnership working between Essex County Council, Essex Police and the University of Essex to put data and insight at the heart of an evidence-led approach to supporting our communities.

As the sponsors for this work, we strongly believe that better use of data and insight is the key to unlocking new solutions to our major social policy challenges. And we have gone beyond talking about the importance of sharing data to actually demonstrating its benefits in projects from predicting school readiness to reducing repeat incidents of domestic abuse – developing new insight against which we are commissioning for better outcomes.

In addressing these shared challenges we are very mindful that data is only one part of the story. We aim to triangulate our work by integrating it with the knowledge of experts and the experiences of the people and communities we are working with. And we are inspired to do this by upholding the highest ethical standards as we progress – making use of independent ethical advice to guide our decisions.

As you can see it is an exciting time to not only be joining ECDA but to be leading it. We are looking for someone who is capable of building ECDA as a key institutional pillar for whole system transformation across the county. The ideal candidate will need to be able to both understand the business challenges that our partners face and the contribution that data science can make to meeting them whilst building the capabilities to enable us to deliver real change in real time.

Most importantly of all, the ideal candidate will need to be as ambitious for ECDA as we are. We are interested not only in addressing our key business challenges – although it is important to us that we do that – but also in fostering and nurturing the collaborative relationships that will deliver action and system change. We want to build deeper partnership working through ECDA; we want to create a culture that values data and evidence as part of our DNA; we want to use our understanding of the ethical issues that this work will expose as a tool for educating ourselves and others about the appropriate use of data; most of all we see this work as a way of putting people at the heart of what we do.

If you want to join this journey with us, we would love to talk to you.

Head of Essex Centre for Data Analytics

Paying up to £88,010
Fixed Term Contract – 3 years
Location: Chelmsford and Colchester

The Essex Centre for Data Analytics (ecda) is a new collaborative venture between Essex County Council, Essex Police and University of Essex. The aim of ecda is to make Essex an international leader in using the power of data science and artificial intelligence in public policy – inspiring innovation and working collaboratively to ensure Essex is developing data-led insight to strengthen the approach to predictive/preventative solutions so that interventions can be made as early as possible. Central to the delivery of ecda is a new and unique opportunity for a Head of Essex Centre for Data Analytics.

The Opportunity

Responsible for driving cultural and organisational change in sharing data, the Head of the Essex Centre for Data Analytics will work closely with a diverse stakeholder community to:

  • Ensure the capabilities developed align strongly with shared strategic priorities
  • Identify key business challenges that improved use of data can support
  • Ensure approaches to sharing information are future proofed
  • Ensure insight leads to action.

You will:

  • Lead, manage and identify resources and pipeline projects; delivered through a network of analysts, and supported by service-specific staff responsible for datasets.
  • Implement and oversee a rigorous approach to developing cases for investment and measuring impact.
  • Manage the ecda budget and contract arrangements with suppliers, including a data sharing platform.
  • Procure, instruct and manage the delivery of relevant solutions.

To find out more please contact Antonia Edwards-Williamson on 0333 013 5888 for a confidential discussion.

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Closing date: 28th November 2019.

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