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Tell us a bit about yourself

I am the Deputy Chief Constables at Essex Police and I have the privilege of leading some incredible teams of people.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and getting outdoors. Although as a senior officer we love to get out and about, the reality is that a good chunk of our working week is spent at a desk in front of a screen! The sport I have played all my life, admittedly increasingly badly, is cricket. It a fantastic game, not for everyone I know, but I love it! 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

In my experience in policing, whatever role you do, no two days are the same. That variety is something that I have always enjoyed as a police officer. From spending six years as a patrol officer in Thurrock and never quite knowing what the next call will be, through to being part of the executive team responsible for the running of the force and all the challenges that brings, the breadth and range of work gives me a real buzz. The final thing I would say, and probably the very best thing about policing in my view, is the fact it does feel like a family. The people, camaraderie and the knowledge that we are collectively doing great things to keep people gives me a real sense of job satisfaction.

Why is diversity and inclusion so important in and outside of the workplace?

We live a diverse world and so we police in a diverse world. My view on this is simply, to be the best police force, to provide the very best service to our communities, we, the police must also be as diverse as possible. Putting it bluntly, as white man, I can say in policing we are currently too white and too male, but we have an absolute determination to continue the great steps we are already making to address this.

Why do you think it’s so important that our force values difference?

The broader the backgrounds, perspectives and experiences we can bring into policing the better we will be. That ‘difference’ and breadth in our thinking and approach, alongside common values, is vital. 

How has Essex Police as an organisation supported you in your career?

Essex Police is a hugely supportive and inclusive organisation. We have a very clear ‘Valuing Difference’ strategy and a really strong network of support forums to ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve for themselves and the communities we all serve.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining Essex Police?

I would whole heartedly recommend joining Essex Police. We are fantastic, dynamic, forward thinking and ambitious force and we want to even better. If you want to help people, save lives, catch criminals, be part of a great team and have a fantastic and varied career, Essex Police would love to hear from you.