Serving Since

30th April 1990

Tell us a bit about yourself

Mental age or true age? They are vastly different.

5ft 10 inches.

I am a Detective Chief Inspector leading the Major Investigation Team at Rayleigh. I have led a number of high-profile, serious and complex investigations that have received national and international media interest.

I am leading the investigation into the tragic deaths of thirty-nine Vietnamese citizens whose bodies were found in Essex in October 2019. This is the largest investigation in Essex Police history. Four people have pleaded guilty and four are due to go on trial in October. It has been an honour to investigate this important case on behalf of the victims and their families.

When I joined Essex Police I felt very privileged and I would have been happy to serve as a Constable for the rest of career. Essex Police gave me the training and opportunity to develop. Not only have I achieved the rank of Chief Inspector, but I have also qualified as a Senior Investigating Officer, which enables me to lead the most serious crime investigations including murder. Both are far beyond my initial expectations and I am grateful for the opportunities that Essex Police has provided me.

I have boxed since I was young and I have been fortunate to have competed in many different countries. I now use this experience to train others and to raise money for local disabled children.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I have always felt very fortunate to be a Police Officer, even after thirty years I still feel privileged.

There are so many things that I enjoy, but a few;

Every day is interesting and challenging. There is no other role like it.

I get to lead a really great team of people and I get to create a culture that our job matters and that we can make a real difference – particularly with people when they are experiencing the worst times of their lives. There is nothing more humbling than to be thanked by a victim’s family for making such a difficult time a little bit easier to bare.

Why is diversity and inclusion so important in and outside of the workplace?

Diversity and inclusion are important so that people feel valued as an individual, are able to participate and feel that their contribution matters. Everyone has the right to have a meaningful voice and Essex Police provides people with that voice.

This also includes diversity of thought and ideas. A diverse workforce means that we are able to gain from the different thoughts, ideas and ways of working that people from different backgrounds and experiences bring.

How do you think Essex Police values difference?

Essex Police makes genuine efforts to encourage diversity and to support difference.

Tell us something interesting about your role?

Despite the tragic cases that we investigate, working on the Major Investigation Team is very rewarding. The team are exceptionally professional and focused, but they are also upbeat and have great working relationships.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining Essex Police?

Everyone can add value and bring a different experience.

If you are thinking ‘they probably won’t accept me because…..’ then you are probably wrong. Take the first step and apply, you may surprise yourself.