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Tell us a bit about yourself
I am police officer within a local policing team for Essex Police. My main responsibility is to respond to emergency calls and investigate local crime. I consider myself to be a proactive officer and work hard to deter criminals and help people within the community I serve, as well as responding to local issues.
Before joining Essex Police, I served in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines for seven years in units; 40 Commando, Commando Logistics Regiment, Commando Helicopter Force and the Armoured Support Group. My initial role was a general duties rifleman within a fighting company, ready to deploy on operations overseas.
I specialised as a vehicle mechanic and Viking Armoured Vehicle Operator within the Royal Marines, where I crewed, maintained and repaired the Royal Marines Amphibious Armour in the UK and overseas.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
For me I like how dynamic the role is, no matter what incident I attend, no two are the same. I find myself constantly adapting with each incident having to take different approaches depending on the circumstances of the call.
The team I work with plays a vital role as well, there’s always someone there to give you a hand or some advice so that no task is too big.
Why is diversity and inclusion so important in and outside of the workplace?
I think it’s important to realise we all come from different backgrounds, socially and professionally. Essex Police recognises this and there is a role for everyone.
Society is ever changing and evolving, and we are provided with up-to-date training that equips us to deal with these changes.
Coming from the Military, the social culture is extremely different to that of civilian life and that takes some getting used to. Essex Police will recognise your strengths, identify the areas you need to improve upon and offer you the support you might need.
Were there any barriers to joining Essex Police?
When I put in my mandatory one year’s notice to leave the military, Essex Police were understanding of this unique situation for service personnel. The force allowed me to carry out the recruitment process throughout that year, so that when it was time for me to leave the military and join Essex Police, I had completed every stage of recruitment and therefore was able to make a seamless transition.
How has Essex Police as an organisation supported you in your career?
Having not had the need to extensively use a computer while serving in the military, my computer skills were a little rusty. Essex Police provide access to workshops where I was able to step away from my regular duties to refresh and develop my computer skills, which are necessary for modern day policing.
Tell us something interesting about your role?
I have now completed my two-year probationary period with the force and in that time, I have obtained a Level 3 City of Guilds qualification in policing and completed additional training so I’m able to respond to incidents of public disorder and safely gain entry to a property using specialist equipment.
What advice would you give a former service person thinking about joining Essex Police?
Since I’ve been a police officer for Essex Police, there isn’t a day where I haven’t learnt something new about myself. I’m proud of the values and lessons I learnt from serving in the military and feel they have stood me in good stead within the police. I feel my military training has been a real benefit too.
Since joining my local policing team, I have found every day to be different. If you’re looking to move from the military into another public sector role, Essex Police are an organisation I would highly recommend.