SC David Chappell

How long have you been a Special Constable at Essex Police?

3 years

Who is your ESP employer?

Anglian water

How do you feel about them supporting you as a Special?

Very supportive and very generous with ESP days. They are flexible where they can be with policing.

How has being a Special Constable benefitted you and your employer?

I have gained masses of confidence which I have transferred into my full-time role within Anglian water. The people skills I have gained has provided me with a foundation to be able to assist colleges, customers and even the general public with a variety of issues.

Why did you decide to become a Special Constable?

I decided to become a special constable for various reasons such as to make our community’s safer, reduce road offences, to challenge myself both mentally and physically.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to live their other life and become a special?

Working a full-time job can prove difficult, let alone trying to find 16 hours to volunteer for a constabulary. However, these hours don’t have to be all at once, they can be four 4 hour shifts one every week on a Friday evening perhaps. The policing family have made me very welcome and its never left me thinking I shouldn’t have joined shift. Every shift is different, and you get to meet and help a variety of interesting people.

For myself before Covid-19 arrived I was working four-day weeks with Anglian water which enabled me to work my rest day with Essex police meaning I could fulfil my hours and still enjoy a full weekend with my family. Anglian water credited me with 12 ESP days per year which covered 8 hours of my 16 monthly hours.

"Here at Anglian Water, we love to hear about our fantastic staff who are volunteering out in the community and really helping to make a difference. Voluntary work is a great thing to do and something that we actively support and encourage our staff to get involved in.

On National Volunteers Week, we’re able to reflect and give thanks to those who dedicate their spare time to help others, and in this case, we’re so pleased to hear how valued David is by the Essex Police force. His contribution to the local community has not gone unnoticed and we’re really proud that he is a member of our excellent team."
Steve Reddin, Head of Employee Relations at Anglian Water