We're following SC Fient, a TV Producer by day who is training to become a Special Constable. Gareth is embarking on our four-week intensive course for Special Constables. He'll be chatting to us about each week of the training course. 

It was Gareth's childhood dream to become a police officer and after pursuing a career behind the camera, he saw an advert for Special Constables and liked the idea of having the best of both worlds. 

He started his training at our Essex Police College on Monday, October 15 and will complete his training on Friday, November 9. Once he has completed his training, he will swear his oath in front of a judge to become a fully warranted officer. 

Week 1

In his first week, Gareth had his head in books learning about different legislation around burglary, robbery and a number of other offences. Day 2 was his first day in his police uniform, which he said he felt very proud to be wearing. Throughout the rest of the week, the team got to grips with the police radios and went on a first aid training course. All of our Special Constables are first aid trained, many have had to put this training into practice and have gone on to save lives.

Week 2

It’s been a busy and physical week for Gareth with practical sessions involving arresting suspects, investigating crimes and learning defensive skills. The practical sessions have helped him and his colleagues put their classroom learning to the test, even arresting their tutors as they practise. All of our Special Constables are put through their paces in defensive skills to ensure they have the right experience to protect themselves and the public when they’re patrolling the streets. As the week went on, Gareth and colleagues revised hard to help pass their exams.  

Week 3

Gareth has had another busy week learning how to help victims of modern slavery, deal with suspects with weapons and search for missing people. He’s continued to revise for his exams and is looking forward to getting out on the streets to help people.

Week 4

Gareth has finished his initial training course with us and we’re pleased to say he passed the course and on Monday he will swear his oath in front of a magistrate. His final week has been a mixture of exams and assessed practical training. He was thrown into the deep end with his scenarios as he was confronted with a drink driver, a hostile public order situation and a stop and search where the suspect was found in possession of a knife. After finishing his course at our college, Gareth had his station induction at Colchester police station where he met his new colleagues and was shown around the station.

Training doesn’t end there for Gareth. After completing a training course at our college, our Specials then go out on duty with regular police officers and Special Constables with independent patrol status to work through a portfolio. After completing their portfolio, Specials gain independent patrol status and are able to go on duty alone and can look after our new recruits.

Gareth's first shift

Gareth’s first shift was varied and saw him travel outside of the county to support his fellow colleagues from Kent Police in the outskirts of London. Gareth was paired up with a regular officer who was showing him the ropes as they prepared to search a house for stolen goods.

Gareth thoroughly enjoyed his first eight hours volunteering to help keep the public safe. He’s settling in well with his colleagues and can’t wait to get out on the streets for his second shift.