Job title: 7F Category Manager (Property)
Grade: PO 2
Role code: E20618
Status: Police Staff

Main purpose of the role:

Manage directly allocated Property related contract procurements and provide supervision to the Assistant Category Managers. Undertake Property related procurement activities including market development, tendering, implementation, and monitoring of procurement contracts across the 7 Forces as directed by the Head of Property Category. Monitor the over-arching Property market, and key market suppliers in terms of performance and stability, highlighting and tracking risks where appropriate. Undertake contractual and commercial negotiations on the Property category, across the 7 Forces maximising value for money for the police forces.

The Property category includes all planned and reactive maintenance requirements, construction and development projects and any works related requirements; as well as all facilities requirements including but not limited to: cleaning services, grounds maintenance and waste disposal. \n Provide procurement, commercial and legal advice to relevant stakeholder teams across the 7 Forces to enable them to deliver their objectives, against the individual Policing Plans which they are held accountable for. Maintain visibility to the relevant key stakeholders across the 7 Forces and gain their trust and support.

Main responsibilities:

  • Undertake effective tendering activity for the whole procurement life cycle for Property related contract procurements, in accordance with PCR 2015; implementation, monitoring and development of existing and new Property contracts for the 7 Forces, including negotiating and setting contract specifications, in-conjunction with the Client lead.
  • Utilise category management practices to profile, benchmark, research and assess the market. Manage procurement pilots, initiatives and product trials, and undertake market research for new or revised products, in conjunction with Property stakeholders, and record evaluations and recommendations, gaining customer, and where appropriate, supplier feedback, in order to ensure products are of the appropriate quality and are financially viable/offer best value for use within the Forces.
  • Manage and develop supplier relationships and on-going negotiations for the assigned category using procurement tools such as cost trend analysis, interpreting complex financial models and supplier performance reviews to monitor the quality and timeliness of goods and services provided, identifying and mitigating risks and supporting the client in addressing poor performance, ensuring an effective and efficient service is maintained to support the 7 Forces.
  • Identify, and where possible, help mitigate risks for the 7 Forces ensuring that all such contracts are operated in accordance with Financial Regulations, Contract Standing Orders, national/EU guidelines and best practice. To assist in defending the relevant Force(s) from contractual claims within the Property category.
  • Supervise assigned Assistant Category Managers providing direction, undertaking staff appraisals, addressing welfare, capability and disciplinary issues where appropriate and assist in the training and development of Assistant Category Managers and help assuring the quality of their work for other allocated procurements. Provide advice, guidance, assistance and training to members of the Function and those internal stakeholders who are responsible for ensuring contract management oversight on those contracts that they are accountable for. This is in order to drive best value from contracts held, ensuring that all contracts are operated in accordance with relevant national/EU guidelines and best practice (including the 7F Procurement S22a), OPCC Regulations and obligations, and are cost effective which meet overarching force requirements
  • Provide a comprehensive range of procurement advice to managers and staff across the 7 Forces to ensure that the integrity and legal implications of procurement policies and activities are fully identified and addressed.
  • Engage with the supplier market in developing new products and services via various working groups and programme/ project boards within the 7 Forces, assisting with setting specifications and standards for goods and services as required, in order to obtain cost effective/ value for money goods and services that meet the Forces specifications.
  • Assist the Head of the Property Category to represent the 7 Force Function and engage with other parties from the public and private sectors including the Home Office, Crown Commercial Service, and the major police suppliers to create procurement/commercial opportunities that will benefit the 7 Forces and to raise the profile of the Function.
  • Promote the provision of a high quality, professional and customer focused purchasing service to all customer departments throughout the 7 Forces, maintaining regular contact with internal customers at all levels. - Participate in the contract management and the periodic reviews of existing contracts. Work with the Commercial work-stream to identify and implement any best-practice methodologies that can be shared throughout the Function and wider 7 Force collaboration.

August 2019.

Necessary experience:

Skills and abilities:

Good analytical skills to align procurement solutions with customer needs.

Good verbal and written communication skills.

Good interpersonal skills with the ability to liaise successfully with staff/officers of all levels and external individuals, and to influence stakeholders within the 7 Forces and external organisations. Good commercial awareness and to be able to identify potential opportunities that will benefit the 7 Forces.

Good negotiating, influencing, interpersonal and communication skills, as are essential to the role.

Provide innovative thinking and impetus to help drive through change and develop and enhance an integrated function across the seven forces.

Good organisational, time management and project management skills in order to ensure delivery of results to agreed deadlines.

Ability to travel as required throughout the 7 Force region.

Qualifications / Education / Training:

The post holder will hold CIPS Level 5 in-line with the CIPS structure guidance or be able to clearly evidence equivalent levels of experience, technical knowledge and expertise by having worked as a leading Procurement professional in the area of Property Services for a complex, public sector organisation. (essential)

Work Experience and Knowledge:

At least 5 years experience in category management (essential)

The post holder will be able to demonstrate good experience of procurement and contract management across the Property category and worked as a leading Procurement professional in the area of Property Services for a complex, public sector organisation. (essential)

Good knowledge and understanding of contract law and the application of EU Public Procurement Regulations and legislation. This is to include developing specifications, preparing and evaluating tenders, including those operating under framework arrangements and EU directives.(essential)

Experience and knowledge of JCT/NEC standard forms contracts (essential)

Experience of supervising staff, preferably within a collaborative environment across a number of locations. (essential)

Good experience of translating business needs into commercial procurement strategies that drive enhanced business outcomes for the organisations as a whole. (essential)

Procurement experience with a blue light organisation (desirable)


Analyse Critically (Level 2)

I ensure that the best available evidence from a wide range of sources is taken into account when making decisions. I think about different perspectives and motivations when reviewing information and how this may influence key points. I ask incisive questions to test out facts and assumptions, questioning and challenging the information provided when necessary. I understand when to balance decisive action with due consideration. I recognise patterns, themes and connections between several and diverse sources of information and the best available evidence. I identify when I need to take action on the basis of limited information and think about how to mitigate the risks in doing so. I challenge others to ensure that decisions are made in alignment with our mission, values and the Code of Ethics.

Collaborative (Level 2)

I manage relationships and partnerships for the long term, sharing information and building trust to find the best solutions. I help create joined-up solutions across organisational and geographical boundaries, partner organisations and those the police serve. I understand the local partnership context, helping me to use a range of tailored steps to build support. I work with our partners to decide who is best placed to take the lead on initiatives. I try to anticipate our partners' needs and take action to address these. I do not make assumptions. I check that our partners are getting what they need from the police service. I build commitment from others (including the public) to work together to deliver agreed outcomes.

Deliver, Support and Inspire (Level 2)

I give clear direction and expectations, helping others to understand how their work operates in the wider context. I identify barriers that inhibit performance in my teams and take steps to resolve these, enabling others to perform. I lead the public and / or colleagues, where appropriate, during incidents or through the provision of advice and support. I ensure the efficient use of resources to create the most value and the right impact within my areas. I keep track of changes in the external environment, anticipating both the short and long term potential implications for the Police Service. I motivate and inspire others to achieve their best.

Emotionally Aware (Level 2)

I consider the perspectives of people from a wide range of backgrounds before taking action. I adapt my style and approach according to the needs of the people I am working with, using my own behaviour to achieve the best outcome. I promote a culture that values diversity and encourages challenge. I encourage reflective practice among others and take the time to support others to understand reactions and behaviours. I take responsibility for helping to ensuring the emotional well being of those in my teams. I take the responsibility to deal with any inappropriate behaviours.

Innovative and Open-minded (Level 2)

I explore a number of different sources of information and use a variety of tools when faced with a problem and look for good practice that is not always from policing. I am able to spot opportunities or threats which may influence how I go about my job in the future by using knowledge of trends, new thinking about policing and changing demographics in the population. I am flexible in my approach, changing my plans to make sure that I have the best impact. I encourage others to be creative and take appropriate risks. I share my explorations and understanding of the wider internal and external environment.

Take Ownership (Level 2)

I proactively create a culture of ownership within my areas of work and support others to display personal responsibility. I take responsibility for making improvements to policies, processes and procedures, actively encouraging others to contribute their ideas. I am accountable for the decisions my team make and the activities within our teams. I take personal responsibility for seeing events through to a satisfactory conclusion and for correcting any problems both promptly and openly. I actively encourage and support learning within my teams and colleagues.


Impartiality (Accredited)

I take into account individual needs and requirements in all of my actions. I understand that treating everyone fairly does not mean everyone is treated the same. I always give people an equal opportunity to express their views. I communicate with everyone, making sure the most relevant message is provided to all. I value everyone's views and opinions by actively listening to understand their perspective. I make fair and objective decisions using the best available evidence. I enable everyone to have equal access to services and information, where appropriate.

Integrity (Accredited)

I always act in line with the values of the police service and the Code of Ethics for the benefit of the public. I demonstrate courage in doing the right thing, even in challenging situations. I enhance the reputation of my organisation and the wider police service through my actions and behaviours. I challenge colleagues whose behaviour, attitude and language falls below the public's and the service's expectations. I am open and responsive to challenge about my actions and words. I declare any conflicts of interest at the earliest opportunity. I am respectful of the authority and influence my position gives me. I use resources effectively and efficiently and not for personal benefit.

Public Service (Accredited)

I act in the interest of the public, first and foremost. I am motivated by serving the public, ensuring that I provide the best service possible at all times. I seek to understand the needs of others to act in their best interests. I adapt to address the needs and concerns of different communities. I tailor my communication to be appropriate and respectful to my audience. I take into consideration how others want to be treated when interacting with them. I treat people respectfully regardless of the circumstances. I share credit with everyone involved in delivering services.

Transparency (Accredited)

I ensure that my decision-making rationale is clear and considered so that it is easily understood by others. I am clear and comprehensive when communicating with others. I am open and honest about my areas for development and I strive to improve. I give an accurate representation of my actions and records. I recognise the value of feedback and act on it. I give constructive and accurate feedback. I represent the opinions of others accurately and consistently. I am consistent and truthful in my communications. I maintain confidentiality appropriately.