Halloween is a fun and exciting time for many but often a busy one for police.

Many elderly and vulnerable people can find it unsettling and Essex Police will be taking a robust approach to anyone causing problems for others.


In the run up to Halloween and Bonfire Night we will be working with shopkeepers, asking them to be alert to young people purchasing items that have historically been used to cause damage and anti-social behaviour.

We are asking parents to make sure their children do not go trick or treating alone and to remind them only to knock on doors of people they know.

This time of year is a fun and exciting one for children and young people however for many members of the community Halloween and Bonfire night can be very stressful.

It’s really important we consider the feelings and needs of the most vulnerable people in our towns and villages.

What might seem like being fun and mischievous to some can be really quite frightening to others.

Playing practical jokes on neighbours you don’t know or throwing things at their houses because they’re not taking part in trick or treat is unacceptable.

In many cases it may actually be criminal in nature.

If you decide to go trick or treating please think carefully about which doors you knock on, particularly if you know there are elderly people living there.

Where possible prearrange visits to neighbours and friends.

While dressing up is part and parcel of this time of year, we would urge people not to deliberately go out of their way to scare or frighten members of the public.

We want all children and young people to enjoy Halloween and Bonfire Night by keeping themselves safe and making sure they do not cause problems in their communities.

If any residents have any concerns or believe a criminal offence is being committed during Halloween they should call 101. If it is an emergency call 999.