We’ve launched a county-wide campaign in partnership with second hand shops to inform and encourage residents how they can use property marking to keep their homes and belongings safe.

Property marking is a proven deterrent to thieves and we’re promoting the different ways residents can mark their property. Property that is marked is harder for thieves and burglars to sell on which deters them from stealing it in the first place.

Across the county our second-hand shops are working in partnership with us to make property ‘too hot to handle’. Every item taken to second hand shops will be checked for each type of property marking. Every suspect that attends our custody will be scanned for traces of forensic property marking liquids which are available to the public.

Types of marking

Residents can protect their property by marking it with both hidden and visible marking. Hidden marking can be anything from UV pens to asset recording. Visible marking can be anything from engraving an item to writing a post code on it with a permanent pen or CRE Mark. Residents and business owners can also purchase intruder sprays which spray intruders with a forensic liquid which can be detected in our custody suites.

Each hidden property marking product like SmartWater and SelectaDNA has a unique code which places any offenders at the time and place of a crime. Statistics suggest the use of forensic marking products raises the chance of convicting a suspect of burglary with products like SmartWater and SelectaDNA having a 100% conviction rate. Residents can use property marking stickers and signage to warn offenders about targeting their property.

More about property marking and home security.

Aims of the campaign

Chief superintendent Ewen Wilson, force lead for burglary, said: “Burglary and theft is an intrusive and personal crime that effects our communities. Our website has a whole host of advice for residents to read and watch that informs them of the benefits of property marking.

“We aim to help educate the public about security measures they can take, whilst warning offenders that we are working with partners, we can trace them through property marking techniques and we will bring them to justice.”