At Essex Police, we value difference.

Officers and staff from all different backgrounds have come together to tell their stories and highlight our dedication to diversity, inclusion and equality.

The We Value Difference campaign is a part of our successful Fit the Bill recruitment drive.

It focuses on dispelling the myths that you have to be a certain ‘type’ of person to be a police officer. At Essex Police, we know that the best way to maintain an effective, forward-thinking workforce is to continue to represent our county, and country, including the differences this can bring.

We Value Difference predominantly focuses on nine strands of difference: personality, age, cultural background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, language, education and faith.

Our police officers and detectives are continuing to create equal opportunities for everyone. Almost 34% of our officers are female, and 3% are officers from BAME backgrounds. In July and August, our application rates in under-represented groups continued to grow, with almost 10% of our applicants from ethnic minority backgrounds and 30% of applicants being women.

“Essex is such a diverse county – from beautiful countryside villages to the buzz of our urban towns and cities, enviable coastline and the pull of the borders of London. There’s no telling what any day will bring in the life of an Essex Police officer or detective.
“As well as working on behalf of the community, the police are also within your community. We want our officers, staff and volunteers to be as diverse as Essex itself and represent the best of us all. With the right values, and whatever differences you may think you have, Essex Police could be the place for you to challenge yourself and make a real difference to lives across the county.
“Whether you’re interested in our different specialisms – from detectives, to firearms, or our Marine Unit – or your passion is responding to real-time crime, or making connections with local community groups, there’s something for everyone at Essex Police.
“If you want to deliver justice to victims of crime, save lives, and be visible and accessible to the communities we serve, then we want you on our team. Don’t wait for this opportunity to pass you by – if you Fit the Bill, submit your application today.”
Assistant Chief Constable Tracey Harman

Officers and staff members have provided case studies for this campaign and they’re available on our website now.

They include PC Humza Bokhari, who is part of the Town Centre Team in Basildon, and has been serving Essex Police since last summer. His day jobs includes everything from foot patrols to drugs warrants, gaining local intelligence and engaging with the public.

He says of his job: “Policing is probably one of the most challenging jobs you can do. Every day is different, with no two days the same.”

When one his family members explained that he would be treated differently by other officers because of his ethnicity, Hamza ignored them and applied anyway. He’s glad he did: “I can confirm these were all myths and I have been welcomed with open arms by everyone. My only regret is that I should have applied sooner!”  

Despite suffering from imposter syndrome, Inspector Lucy Bearman is a trained Public Order Inspector and the only woman across Essex Police who can currently do so. She does it all whilst being a mum to two children, and isn’t afraid to use her voice to encourage other women across the force.

She said: “I came to Public Order relatively late in my career because I had small children at home. I have since found that this is my favourite aspect of policing and that the shift changes were not as bad as I ever thought they would be. If childcare is a problem, they’re understanding.”

To be eligible to join Essex Police as a Constable applicants must:

  • be 17 or over to submit the application (the offer of work will only be made when the applicant turns 18);
  • be a British citizen or from a country which is a member of the European Economic area;
  • possess a full manual UK driving licence;
  • ideally not have a criminal record or any previous criminal convictions or cautions;
  • and have reached an education standard of two A Levels or equivalent.

You can also be an existing member of Essex Police staff who has passed their probationary period.

A full list of the eligibility criteria and details of how to apply can be found via the link below.