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Southend perception survey

Southend perception survey

If you live in the Southend area please answer our short survey - just eight quick questions to help us find out more about your views of your local police team.

Overall views
If you were to report a crime or incident in the future, how confident are you that you would receive a good service from Essex Police?:*

Taking everything into account, how good a job do you think the police in this area are doing?:*

How important, if at all, do you think it is to have a regular uniformed police presence in the area where you live?:*

How much would you agree or disagree that Essex Police understand the issues that affect your community?:*

How much would you agree or disagree that Essex Police are dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour that matter in your area?:*

Crime and ASB Perceptions
Compared with 12 months ago, do you think crime and anti-social behaviour have become more of a problem in your area less of a problem, or has it not changed?:*

Police Engagement
Overall, how well informed do you feel about what the police in your local area are doing?:*

Visibility and Presence
How satisfied are you with the level of policing in your local area? By 'local area' we mean the area within about 15 minutes walking distance of your home.:*

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