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The Southend Community Policing Team is made up of police officers, police Community Support Officers and Specials under the command of an Inspector and a Chief Inspector District Commander.

The team aims to protect people from harm, speak with communities about their concerns, gather information and help find answers to local problems.

Neil PudneyDistrict Commander: Chief Inspector Neil Pudney

“I’m really proud to be the new District Commander for Southend.
“My time as a uniformed officer and all that involved – partnership work, proactive policing and public engagement – is a highlight of my career and I’m delighted to be doing it again.

“This is a role I’ve actively sought out and Southend is wonderful borough in which to work.

“My focus will be to target those crimes which pose the greatest risk and to protect those who are most vulnerable.

“During my time as DCI for the south of the county, we saw the number of recorded burglaries reduce hugely and that is something I want to replicate in Southend.

“I believe strongly in proactively targeting offenders and placing the victim at the heart of everything we do. This is something I will impress upon my teams and ensure their values reflect mine.

“I’ve a huge passion for community policing and I believe partnership work and public engagement is crucial to make our communities safer.”

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Southend - January 2018

  Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Missing people 104 93                      
Domestic abuse 431 403                      
Mental health 48 35                      
Anti-social behaviour 470 496                      
Crimes solved 192 236                      
Intelligence 584 655                      
Stop and search 43 54                      
Road traffic collisions 52 45                      

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