Please read first section of flow chart.

Pensioner does not provide medical consent to Occupational Health.

PPA requests SMP review

Reg 33. If a question is referred to a medical authority under regulation 30, 31 or 32 and the person concerned wilfully or negligently fails to submit himself to such medical examination or to attend such interviews as the medical authority may consider necessary in order to enable him to make his decision, then:

(a) if the question arises otherwise than on an appeal to a board of medical referees, the police authority may make their determination on such evidence and medical advice as they in their discretion think necessary.

Pensioner does not attend or co-operate

SMP recommends PPA use Regulation 33. See above.

PPA asvises pensioner of degree of disablement.

Pensioner accepts PPA Reg 33 determination or appeals through judicial review.