The Chief Constable as Scheme Manager has agreed the objectives and planning assumptions as follows:

  1. The process to be adopted must discharge the PPA’s legal obligations, including meeting his legal commitments to honour injury benefit payments at a level to which each pensioner is entitled.
  2. It is not about savings or cost cutting – there will be no savings target
  3. The process shall be fair and transparent, having proper regard to the welfare of those affected

PPA apply selection criteria of those that are

Longest since / most overdue a (scheduled) review and remove those IBP’s who met the following criteria:

  • All IB pensioners aged 72 and over;
  • IB pensioners who have been diagnosed as terminally ill; and
  • IB pensioners who have received their Injury Award within the last 3 years unless the Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP) had recommended that their case be reviewed within a shorter period.

Pensioner is advised of selection criteria and asked to give medical consent (please follow the link that applies):

Pensioner provides consent to Occupational Health

Pensioner does not provide consent to Occupational Health