At the very heart of everything Essex Police does is the community. Communities are diverse and getting to know each and every one within the county helps us do our job more effectively. Put simply, diversity means difference across race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, faith and age.

We take diversity related issues very seriously and continually review how we can best meet the needs of the residents of Essex and those who work and visit here.

It’s important to us that your experience of Essex Police is a positive one and that means being sensitive and responsive to your individual needs.

To make sure that happens we have a Diversity Unit constantly working to raise awareness of equality and diversity within the daily business of Essex Police.

Valuing differences, treating people fairly and judging people on merit makes for better policing and we’re determined to make sure nobody who comes into contact with us is disadvantaged.

We strive to make the way we deliver our services, provide information and carry out our employment functions open and accessible to all.

On the next few pages you can read about what we’re doing to build a diverse workforce and how we’re working to improve the quality of service we offer the communities of Essex.

If you would like more information about equality and diversity within Essex Police contact the diversity unit by calling 101.

Independent advisory groups

We're always thinking of ways we can improve the service we offer and have a group on hand to help.

The Essex Police Independent Advisory Groups play an important part in ensuring that Essex police consult with and understand the views of our many diverse communities.

The aim is to help the Force better understand how our processes and new policies can affect the different communities in Essex and, be the link between communities and Essex Police in relation to matters of diversity.

It brings together people of all ages and backgrounds, who can provide expert knowledge from their communities to help our staff and operational officer’s build trust and confidence with the community.

The group offer advice and practical assistance around the subjects of race, faith, disability, travellers, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and vulnerable, young and older people.

They provide an insight into their communities during staff training, help complete impact assessments after a crime has taken place and monitor tensions within a community.

They can also offer senior investigating officers advice on the direction of investigations and help us write policies.

Members are recruited to offer advice and guidance to the police, including constructive feedback around new policy developments and police recruitment, and provide the link to all Essex communities.

If you’re interested in shaping the way policing is delivered in Essex and ensuring your community has a voice, fill in the form below and email it to us, or find out more from the diversity unit by calling 101, then asking for ext 130072.