At Essex Police, we value difference. That’s why we have officers from all sorts of backgrounds in a variety of roles, who protect and serve the wonderfully diverse communities in Essex.

Our officers don’t let their differences hold them back. They embrace them and use them as strengths – whether it’s their age and experience, their language, their gender, or their cultural background, everyone has something unique to bring to the workforce.

Our officers are from military, retail, office and teaching backgrounds to name just a few. Whatever their background, their skills have brought something valuable to their role.

Driven by their motivation to keep people safe, our officers pride themselves on acting with integrity and honesty and are guided by a strong moral compass.

Our officers fit the bill, could you?

Starting salary £25,658 with the potential to rise to £43,130 within your first 7 years (these figures include a yearly £2,000 South East allowance).

Read some stories from our officers and from our staff and wider organisation (please note staff and officers have different eligibility):

Find out more about the job roles available as a police officer:

For more detailed information about the above criteria please see our guide: Becoming a Police Constable in Essex.

You should also read the Competencies and Values Framework for Policing document which details the competencies for the role of a police officer.

Could you compassionately support someone who has just been assaulted, lost a loved one or is feeling suicidal?

How do you think you would cope when required to talk someone down from a bridge who wants to harm themselves?

How would you react when faced with a child abuser who wants to tell you what they’ve done?

Do you have the courage to walk into a public order situation and physically restrain individuals who are fighting?

Could you investigate gang culture, drug supply, fraud or corruption?

As a Police Constable you will be responsible for upholding the law, responding to calls for assistance and protecting people from harm using a range of sworn powers in line with organisational standards.

To be successful you will meet our minimum entry requirements, together with demonstrating a passion and commitment to providing a first class policing service to the people of Essex.

Please be aware that on appointment and during your service you may be posted to any location in Essex based on operational need.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible applicants must meet at least one of the following entry qualification criteria:

  • Have reached an educational standard of 2 x A levels (or above) or an equivalent ‘Level 3’ qualification. Note: individuals with qualifications higher than the minimum educational requirement will also be eligible to apply.

  • Have achieved an academic or vocational qualification gained outside England and Wales which is considered by the UK National Recognition Information Centre to be a level 3 qualification (see our guide: Becoming a Police Constable in Essex).

  • Have previously served, such as in the military or armed forces, or similar law enforcement agency, where the applicant has successfully completed the minimum term of service (usually 4 years) and has achieved an exemplary reference on discharge.

  • Have completed and passed the Level 3 Certificate in Knowledge of Policing.

  • Be a serving Special Constable* with Essex Police who has attained independent patrol status at the time of application.

  • Be a serving Police Community Support Officer* with Essex Police who has successfully completed a professional development plan and passed their probationary period at the time of application.

  • Be a serving member of Essex Police staff and have successfully passed probationary period and has the existing command team support to confirm that they are suitable for consideration to be appointed as a police constable.


*Candidates who are not relying on being a Special Constable or Police Community Support Officer as part of the qualification requirements, but who are existing Special Constables or a Police Community Support Officers may not progress to appointment until they have attained independent patrol status as a Special Constable or completed their probationary period as a Police Community Support Officer.

In addition to meeting at least one of the above 'Education and experience' entry qualification criteria at the time of application candidates must also:

  • be a European Economic Area (EEA) National or a Swiss National. Commonwealth citizens and Foreign Nationals are also eligible to apply but are required to have leave to enter or leave to remain in the UK for an indefinite period.

  • have resided in the UK for three continuous years immediately prior to application.

  • Be over the age of 18. However you can make an application at the age of 17 and progress through the recruitment and selection process, you will not however receive a formal offer of employment until you have turned 18.

    • I am not yet 18 but would like to start the application process - apply here.

  • possess a full UK manual driving license with no more than 6 points.

    • I do not yet hold a full UK manual driving licence but am working towards this - apply here.

  • not have applied to become a police constable and been unsuccessful at any stage of the Police National SEARCH Assessment process in the last six months with any force.

  • not have tattoos which cause offence, are excessive or considered unprofessional. (See Appendix C of our guide Becoming a Police Constable in Essex).

  • ideally not have a criminal record. Any previous criminal convictions or cautions (including those spent), fixed penalty notices, traffic offences or any involvement with the police must be declared.

  • not be registered bankrupt, subject to County Court Judgements or Independent Voluntary Agreements

  • meet the basic eligibility criteria to become a police constable (see our guide: Becoming a Police Constable in Essex).

For more detailed information about the above criteria please see our guide: Becoming a Police Constable in Essex; download it below.

Applicants will only be considered if they meet the above essential criteria.

A more detailed list of the required eligibility criteria can be found in our guide: Becoming a Police Constable in Essex. You must read this document before you apply as it will give you background information on policing in Essex and detail the eligibility criteria and the recruitment process.

You should also read the Competencies and Values Framework document which details the competencies for the role of a police officer.

Before you apply

There are many great reasons to join Essex Police. 

You’ll get the chance to make a difference and really contribute to the lives of the people in the community, build relationships and tackle crime. If you’ve got what it takes, we can offer you a wide range of benefits and rewards.


As a new Police Constable, you’ll receive a starting salary of £25,658 with the potential to rise to £43,130 within your first 7 years (these figures include a yearly £2,000 South East allowance).


The starting annual leave entitlement is 22 days per year, rising to 30 days a year depending on your length of service. This is on top of public holidays in lieu. You can also expect other forms of leave, including maternity, paternity and adoption leave, special leave (with or without pay), parental break and career breaks of up to five years.


When you start as a new Police Constable you’ll receive automatic membership of the police pension scheme. This isn't compulsory, so you can choose to opt out if you want to.

Benefits and Offers

As an Essex Police Constable you will be able to join the Essex Police Sports Association (EPSA) via which you can enjoy a multitude of discounts and special offers from many high street stores, national attractions and travel suppliers. These offers include cinema tickets, restaurants and even reduced prices on several car brands.

Through Payroll you will be able to access Childcare Vouchers, our Cycle 2 Work scheme and other salary sacrifice schemes.

EPSA also provides access to approved companies who offer our members financial advice, preferential insurance rates and discounted legal services. 

Training and Development

We offer a range of career development and training opportunities, including an online portal enabling you to take control of your learning outside of the workplace, update your knowledge and skills.

Personal Support and Advice

We pride ourselves on being a caring employer and provide a range of support initiatives to help with both you and your family's welfare, including support for employees with caring responsibilities, staff support networks, occupational health and welfare counselling, resettlement and outplacement support services. In addition, we offer membership of the Police Federation and staff support associations to support and represent your needs. 

Sports and Social

As a Police Constable with Essex Police, you will get access to a number of subsidised leisure and sporting activities. There is a wide range of sports and sports associations to enjoy whilst making new friends and increasing your fitness.

Many police stations have gym facilities and you’ll benefit from ongoing training and development opportunities. As well as our annual Croker Cup sports competition, we are affiliated to Police Sport UK who regularly run national and international police tournaments. 

Reward and Recognition

As well as our monthly Commendations ceremony at our Headquarters, our Annual Essex Police Awards celebrate the valuable contributions made by officers, Specials, police staff and volunteers who go above and beyond what is expected of them.

A respected career

Joining Essex Police as a new Police Constable is the start of an exciting and rewarding journey that could take you anywhere.

Policing is not all about being on the front line. Once you have completed your probationary period and become a full constable there are a variety of different roles you can progress into, each with competitive salaries and excellent benefits.

Whether its dog handling, public protection, Criminal Investigation Department (CID), there are hundreds of potential career opportunities waiting for you.

To find out more about the different roles you can progress in with Essex Police, visit our job profiles.

Rank Structure and progression

Police officers are offered ongoing training, guidance and support to help with personal and professional development. If there is a desire to progress, individuals are helped to move through the ranks into senior positions within the force.

Our rank structure:

  • Police Constable
  • Sergeant
  • Inspector
  • Chief Inspector
  • Superintendent
  • Chief Superintendent
  • Assistant Chief Constable
  • Deputy Chief Constable
  • Chief Constable.

Essex Police are an Equal Opportunity Employer, promoting equality of opportunity for all regardless of background, without discrimination, especially but not exclusively on the grounds of:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or Belief
  • Sexual Orientation 

There are a number of support networks to help support our officers from all backgrounds.

The networks are for those with similar characteristics and are used for skill sharing, information sharing, progression opportunities and sometimes friendship in what can be a challenging environment. Anyone who works for Essex Police can join all networks at any point in their career, and contribute as much or as little to the network as desired.

Our commitment to promoting fairness and equality is underpinned by our Positive Action programme. In line with equality legislation, Positive Action initiative offers under-represented groups additional support to ensure equality of opportunity for the recruitment process is fair for everyone.

Positive Action initiatives include

The buddy scheme for Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) candidates

The buddy is a trained Police officer or member of Police staff who becomes a point of contact at all stages of the recruitment process to offer moral support and guidance through the process.

Preparation Evenings

There are various stages to our recruitment process. Once you have been successful at shortlisting stage, you’ll be invited to attend a briefing event to find out more information about the role and the next stage of the selection process. This briefing session will ensure you are provided with information about the Police National SEARCH Assessment Centre and give you the opportunity to ask any questions and clarify any information. At this point you will have an opportunity to sign up to our Positive Action Programme (PAP) to support you with the remaining stages of the process.

As part of the national recruitment process, Essex Police consider applications from individuals who may have already gone through the recruitment process with another force and successfully completed SEARCH / Day One or Online Assessment.

  • If you have attended a SEARCH assessment within the last 2 years and met the national standard of 50% or above, then we would be happy to consider an application from you.
  • If you have attended a Day One assessment within the last 2 years and met the national standard of 55% or above, then we would be happy to consider an application from you.
  • If you have completed the national Online Assessment within the last 2 years and were successful, then we would be happy to consider an application from you.

If you are interested in your results being transferred, then please ‘apply here’ and upload your completion documents of any of the above national assessments to your application to be approved.

Please note we are unable to accept transfer of results from applicants that have failed at local force interview or pre-employment checks.

Applying to be a police officer

When applying to be a Police Officer with Essex Police, our applicants progress through seven stages. We have listed them below to help you understand the process you are about to embark on.  

The application form will  require you to fill in your personal details and will give you the option to submit ethnic and disability details.  
In addition we will ask you what your motivations are to become a police officer and what preparation you have undertaken before applying.  
In this section, we expect you to provide a detailed response including your reason and motives for applying, what your understanding is and expectations are of joining Essex Police as a police officer and finally any research and/or actions you have undertook to help better prepare you for life as a Police Officer with Essex Police.
Your spelling, punctuation and grammar will also be assessed.
If you wish to apply please complete and submit the application form in the begin your application section.

During the eligibility process we must check you meet all the criteria before continuing your application; this includes all of the below:

  • Tattoos
  • Qualifications 
  • Full manual UK driving licence


If you do not meet the eligibility requirements your application will not continue. 

If you pass the previous stages, you will be invited to a briefing which provides you with more information about the process of becoming a police officer.

There will be the opportunity to speak with our recruitment team and raise any questions you might have.

This is an event to help support you with any advice or support you might need from our recruitment team.

Applicant’s identification and eligibility documents will be verified at this event too. 


SEARCH Assessment has now been replaced with the College of Policing online assessment process. To prepare for the College of Policing’s (CoP) Online Assessment Process please take a look at the following:

Applicants will be asked to attend a panel interview in front of senior officers which lasts 30-45 minutes. Each of the questions will relate to the qualities shown on the job description and the Policing Professional Framework. The interview panel will be looking for evidence with answers which demonstrate competency at Level 1.

We have some tips for the interview here.

The pre-employment checks require applicants to attend the following:

  • Medical appointment 
  • Fitness test 
  • Pre-employment weekend 
  • Uniform fitting 


We will also process the following checks:

  • Vetting checks 
  • Biometrics clearance (DNA and finger prints are taken at their senior interview) 
  • References 
  • Professional standards questionnaire (completed at senior interview) 

Once we have received all of their pre-employment checks back and they are satisfactory to us, we will send applicants a final offer of employment.

The candidate will receive a number of forms with their final offer letter which need to be processed before starting their course. The applicant will be placed on the next available training course which will be based at Essex Police Headquarters in Chelmsford.  

Applicants will attend a rigorous and thorough training process to give them the best head start in their career with us.

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